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Hunger Project

If you need food please come to Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle and we will provide you with food much like the picture you see. We have received funding to supply additional food to those in need-please come see us and we will put it in your car. FREE!

Do you need food?

Funds provided by United Way of Amarillo and Canyon

  • You have been laid off due to shelter in place
  • You are not working
  • You are struggling because your income source has been cut off or diminished
  • Your unemployment has not started or doesn’t meet your needs
  • Or any other way you have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We can help

Our Food Pantry has moved!

The Interfaith Hunger Project has moved to 1900 N. Spring Street in Amarillo!

Our new location is located on Spring Street just south of NE 24th Ave. and St. Laurence Catholic Church.
East of Grand Street

  • Tuesdays – Hunger Project Clients 9-10 and 1-2
  • Thursdays— Hunger Project Clients 9-10 and 1-2
  • Wednesdays – Public Assistance 10-12 and 1-3

If you need food come on Wednesdays to receive free food one time per month

Please bring a current picture ID or utility bill with current address

Enter parking lot from NE 18th Ave

If you need food, please come, we will help you!  If you are fortunate enough to not need assistance please consider donating to our cause.

Thank you, stay safe and healthy.

Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle-Providing Help, Creating Hope!

COVID-19 and its effect on Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle

April 7, 2020 Update

I shared our first update back on March 19. It is difficult to fathom just how much has changed in less than three weeks. I know we are all keeping a watchful eye on the news, so I won’t share any of the latest facts I’ve, heard. They would most likely be out of date already anyhow. But, as I stated before, as Catholic Charities, our community, and the world wrestles with these extraordinary events, we want to share with you the current status of our organization and our services.

Since our last update, we have made additional changes in how we deliver service to the people we help each day. As before, we strive to adhere to best safety practices as provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). At this point, most of our staff are working from home, except for the Hunger Project food pantry, the Pearl Longbine Emergency Youth Shelter, and one or two administrative staff members. Our most recent board meeting occurred online, and the volunteers still helping us do so in the safest ways possible.

Like many of our peer charitable organizations, we’re looking at postponed events and future events to determine the likelihood of rescheduling versus canceling. The duration of the safety protocols will play a large part in these decisions.

The Hunger Project program has continued as a curbside delivery service. Our people can still get the food they desperately need, but we are making the selections for them. Our homebound deliveries will continue as planned at this time. Note, we opened the program to anyone laid off or furloughed due to business closures caused by the coronavirus. We hope to be able to keep our doors open throughout the pandemic and pray for the safety of our staff, volunteers, and the people we serve. As you can imagine, the numbers increase daily.

The low-income housing program has continued without any significant change. Our maintenance man, Chris, has fortunately remained healthy and able to address repair items as they have come up and helps in the food pantry when time allows. The process for making rent payments will be simplified to reduce the amount of potential exposure for both our tenants and our staff.

The Adult Eye Care Program continues to be on hold until further notice. We will evaluate when it should reopen once we have passed through our local peak of coronavirus cases.

As I mentioned before, The Pearl Longbine Emergency Youth Shelter continues to operate as an essential service for the at-risk children we serve. We stay open because they have no other placement options readily available.

At the end of last week, we moved the remaining staff in Immigration Legal Services, Refugee Resettlement Services, and Interpreting to a remote call-in model. Some occasions do exist where one of our team members must be in contact with the people they serve. In those cases, they are practicing the appropriate safety protocols to protect themselves and others from exposure.

Cassie, our ESL/ELI coordinator, is working on videos and other content to allow her teaching to occur remotely. She has identified several social media tools that will help unite her students remotely in a safe, healthy environment that promotes learning English.

For the small number of us accessing the office, either as a workspace or to pick up items needed to work remotely, we are still using the office hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. However, clients do not enter the building. To avoid too much contact, some of us come in over the weekend to pick up “homework.” By reducing the number of people in the building, we reduce the risk of exposure. We have more time to clean the building more thoroughly, and will ultimately speed up our reload time once everyone can return to work. For those of us who are in the building, “social distancing” is even more enhanced, enabling us to maintain the critical programs needed by the people we serve each day.

In short, we are still here helping people in dire need! People depend on us to be available! Therefore, we continue to provide the services they need, maybe in a modified way, but in a fashion that promotes a safe and healthy encounter. You can still call, 806-376-4571, find us on Facebook, or visit our website, for more information.

The situation is changing so rapidly; we can’t seem to keep up. But, our family of staff and volunteers strive each day to identify the new challenges, and more importantly, to find ways to overcome them. We fully expect with your prayers and support that this situation will make us more reliable, more responsive, and a better advocate for all those we serve. With you by our side, we “Provide Help, Create Hope,” where it is so critically needed, with the poor, the at-risk, and the stranger among us.

To lend your support, please call us at 806-376-4571, or donate online at this link.

On behalf of the staff, board, volunteers, and program participants, “Thank You” for your continued support and prayers. We rely on both daily! Know that you are in our prayers as well!


Jeff Gulde
Executive Director
Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle

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Posted by Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle on Friday, April 10, 2020