Joyce Knight

Title: Resource Development Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Department: Administration

I am originally from Kansas, having been born and growing up in Hays, Kansas. As an adult I have lived in many different places in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Florida and Amarillo, Texas. No, I am not a military brat, just the wife of a media manager. I graduated with my bachelors in education from Ft. Hays State University and my masters work at Kansas State University. I have taught 4th grade and 7th grade math and science, worked as a Sales Representative for IBM, supervised a drug, alcohol, tobacco prevention program for the Texas Panhandle for Catholic Family Service, and am currently on my second stint as the Director of Development for Catholic Family Service now known as Catholic Charities.

Being the youngest of four children and growing up in Catholic schools through high school I have always been outgoing and driven to be the best at what I do. My parents were very demanding, encouraging, and supportive to do things right and to be kind to others, plus my faith has always taught me to help those less fortunate.

My greatest joy in life is my son, daughter-in-law and my two beautiful grandchildren and of course my partner in life, my husband Chris.

I love the things we do for people of the panhandle of all ages and backgrounds. I have a big heart for children and the elderly since these are so very vulnerable and less able to do for themselves. I love that we give a safe haven for abused children and food for our seniors and disabled so they won’t have to choose between medicine and eating. For more about our agency, please give me a call as I would love to give you a tour of all our programs and maybe give you a chance to volunteer or entice you to support our programs.